Ms Ghazala Butt RA , RM M FHT

T:07377 835 635


As former British Airways Air Cabin Crew for 28 years, I had travelled to Japan several times, and the world over until 2005 .. so I have been fortunate to have discovered the benefits of my healing therapies at source.

My Reiki Lineage is from a direct line of the 3 Usui Ascended Masters.

Mikao Usui ( 1865 - 1926 )

Founder of modern Reiki practice and the only Reiki Master until 1925.

Chuijiro Hayashi ( 1978 - 1940 )

Hawayo Takata ( 1900 - 1980 )

I completed my Reiki Master / Teacher Lineage in 2012 in the UK.

In 2006 I was faced with a medical / dental tsunami myself .. and my healing journey enabled me to become a more empowered healer as a result.

I have additionally worked clinically for the last 12 years in A&E Nursing and a now focusing on my holistic practice.

Having been on a healing journey myself since 2006 , I have accepted my paradigm shift and I am able to share my experiences to support clients / patients who seek to better nourish themselves with well-being.

Holistic Therapies in isolation or in combination energise the mind, body spirit.

Discover Holistic treatments for emotional and physical wellbeing.